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About d.SmartHome®

d.SmartHome® is a sub-brand of HUAGE.Group®.

As the global leading provider of smart home end-to-end solutions and cloud service operators, DVACO owns DVACO Lifestyle®, a premium custom brand designed for high-end market, d.SmartHome®, an affordable luxury brand for the mainstream market, and DVACO Business® for office conferences, clubs, community towns, government education, and catering markets. Thousands of terminals and tens of thousands of service consultants are working together to make every family enjoy a smart and superior life. DVACO is more than smart!

The Globle Leader in Smart Home Mass Market

After 7 years of service and research on tens of thousands of users, DVACO has worked for three years with global five R& D centers——United States, Germany, Britain, China and Holland to create d.SmartHome®, a mainstream smart home system.

Original Intention of d.SmartHome®

"The Way Home Should Be" -----That is the origional intention why we founded d.SmartHome®. We hope that the cutting-edge communications, electronics, Internet technology offered by DVACO will help more families to build a safe, environmental, comfortable and convenient ecology.

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