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d1 Smart Cloud Box

Brains of the home control and ecosystem

More modules, better experience, faster installation and longer use

Smart cloud box delivers a smarter home!

Smart platform provides complete solution for lifestyle

  • Low Power

    It's designed to help you save energy, and all our devices utilize d.SmartLink's low power capabilities.

  • Secure

    d.SmartLink products set themselves apart by offering multiple layers of security to avoid security breaches, hacking, and interference.

  • Stable

    With built-in unique d.Smart Link technology, each device can be integrated and used as a signal transmission point in the mesh network to receive and amplify signals.

  • Interference-Free

    d1 avoids being affected by wireless interference and weak signals by using low-frequency channels to communicate.

  • Compatibility

    d1 is compatible with over 9 million smart hardware devices worldwide, and capable of being expanded to connect more devices according to your budget.

Cloud + Terminal Management Controller

  • Work with Smart

    • Temperature

    • Lock

    • Light

    • Curtain

    • Surveillance

    • Security

    • Entertainment

  • Work with Applicance

    • Air Conditioner

    • TV

    • STB

    • TV Box

    • Amplifier

    • Heater

    • Water Cooler

  • Work with ELAN

    d1 can be integrated and programmed into the ELAN system for mixed use of wired and wireless

One APP and a simple touch settle everything down.

d.SmartHome APP supports PC, Ipad, and mobile terminal ( IOS and Android system). It can be remotely controlled via 4G and WIFI.

Cloud Remote Management Feature

Independent SMS enables dealers to remotely cloud manage all users' devices

d.Smart Link——World Class IOT Technology

Mainstream brands connected, including HUAWEI, Samsung, LG, Google, Amazon, Iphone and so on

More brands share prosperity and all IOT devices share IOT ecosystem

Your Home on Your Fingertip

Technology allows our lives to be more convenient and more personalized. Whether it is a retrofited or new built house, it can be intelligently upgraded through modular products. Unique you deserve to have a different product to customize the life you want.

Three Steps to Start Smart Lifestyle

  • Power on and plug in network cables

  • Identify the devices

  • Set up the scenes

  • 18:30 PM

    Mom works overtime, so Alex goes home by himself.
    Mom can turn on the air conditioner in advance.

  • 18:40 PM

    Alex enters the password and opens the cloud lock.

  • 19:00 PM

    The cloud lock sends message to mom: Alex has arrived home.
    By watching the indoor camera, she knows that Alex is watching TV.

  • 19:30 PM

    Mom controls the cloud lock remotely to observe the gate anytime and makes sure Alex's srcurity.

  • 20:00 PM

    Alex konws that mom is on her way home.