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CO Sensor

Protect You From Invisible Danger

Wireless CO Sensor

  • CO detector

  • Concentration alarm

  • Notification sending

The Silent Killer

Built-in CO concentration sensor allows it to detect slight carbon monoxide release and send alarms in advance. Even not connected with smart system, it can work separetely.

Protect Your Family From Unknown Danger

d.Safe-100-CO-Wireless can effectively monitor natural gas( methane), propane, butane and other flammable gas, and send different alarms within different time according to the gas concentration.

  • Healthy (5ppm)

    Carbon monoxide was not detected. You can relax.

  • Slight (30ppm)

    Small number of carbon monoxide exists, but long-term accumulation can bring chronic harm to the health.Send alarm after 120 minutes

  • Medium (50ppm)

    The CO levels are harmful. Please check ventilation.Send alarm afer 60-90 minutes

  • Excessive(100ppm)

    The CO levels can cause moderate poisoning. Please open the ventSend alarm afer 10-40 minutes

  • serious(300ppm)

    Co concentration has threatened life safety, need to evade, and remote closure of gas valves, alarm in 3 minutes

Invisible Killer in Life

Carbon monoxide is a kind of colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, so it is easy to be ignored and cause intoxication.

Critical Monitor Equipment

  • Boiler

  • Furnace

  • Fireplace

  • Gas stove

More attractive design allows it to be a part of home decoration and be placed anywhere.

Garage/ Kitchen/ Boiler

Extra safety guarantee for your parents who are still using the coal stove

Connected with smart Valve, if it detects gas leak, d.Safe-100-CO-Wireless will close gas valve remotely.


Working Voltage: DC3V(CR123A lithium battery)

Battery Life: 3 years

Standby Current: ≤20uA

Alarm Current: ≤75mA

Alarm Concentration: 30ppm 120 minutes
50ppm 60-90 minutes
100ppm 10-40 minutes
300ppm within3minutes

Communication Technology: Z-Wave

Z-Wave Distance: 30 meters(indoor)

Working Environment: 0℃ ~+ 40℃

Dimensions: 60*60*49.2mm