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A Good Lock Guards A Happy Family.

d.Lock perfectly combines the strongest lock body, the top hardware, the state-of-the-art software and the most considerate cloud service.


  • Bronze
  • Silver


  • Bronze
  • Decorated Lock

Six ways to unlock,
Say goodbye to amnesia and OCD

Biometric Fingerprinting Algorithm
Anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, and high identification

3 fingerprints for each person and 297 fingerprints in total

Virtual Password

As long as the correct password is included in the entered password, the door can be opened to prevent the password from being seen by the others.

Enter Password:

  • Virtual Password

  • 88

    Correct Password

  • Virtual Password

Peace of Mind

Super C-class lock cylinder protects the door from being unclenched within 300 minutes
AES-128 data encryption features the global highest level of cryptography
Industrial structure eliminates voilent damage

Advanced technology creates more possibilities

More user-friendly identification system

  • Low Battery Alert

  • Door Opening Log

  • Anti-hijacking Alarm

  • Smart ID Identification

Connect d1 to realize more features

With built-in d.SmartLink technology, d.Lock can be seamlessly integrated with security systems, video doorbells, lights, curtain systems, sound tracks, and even ELAN whole house smart systems.

  • Scene 1

    Mom works overtime, so Alex goes home by himself.
    Mom can open air conditioner in advance.

  • Scene 2

    Alex enters the password and opens the cloud lock.
    The cloud lock sends message to mom:
    AAlex has arrived home.

  • Scene 3

    Mom controls the cloud lock remotely to observe
    the gate anytime and makes sure Alex's srcurity.

  • Scene 4

    By watching the indoor camera,
    she knows that Alex is watching TV.

  • Scene 5

    Alex konws that mom is on her way home.

d.SmartHome Cloud Lock Symbolizes Luxury House

Support Double Door & Decorated Lock Body


Lock Body: General 6068 steel anti-theft lock body

Lock Tongue: U304 stainless steel, three bolts

Cylinder: Super C-class anti-theft lock cylinder

Keyhole: Recessed slide mechanical keyhole

Mechanical Key: 3

Left and Right Handle Interchange: Support

Lock out: Support

Supply Voltage: DC 4-6.5V

Low Battery Alert Voltage: ≤4.8V

Average Failure-free Working Time: ≥ 25000h

Data encryption: AES128

Battery: AA , 4 Sections

Anti-Static: Contact ±8KV, Air ±15KV

d.Lock user manual

10 minutes for installation and 3 minutes for setting up