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Flood Sensor

Leak is no longer a problem!

Wireless Flood Sensor

d.Safe-300-floor-alarm is a part of Z-Wave products. It not only protects your home, but also makes it smarter. Each product features 3 independent sensors.

Closes off the water supply after detecting a leak

After detecting a leak, a system equipped with electrovalves will close off the water supply to minimize damage caused by the failure. Wherever you are, this foolproof device will keep your home safe.

It is more a safety solution than an independent smart device

  • Leak sensor

  • d.SmartLink

  • Notification

  • Sound alarm

  • Low-battery alarm


The conveniently small size of the d.SmartHome® flood sensor allows for exact placement practically anywhere. The sensor is beautifully designed and keeps your home safe.

  • Bathtub

  • Kitchen

  • Water Pipe

  • Swimming Pool

  • Laundry

Always vigilant

Keep monitoring your home 24/7 with the design of low power consumption.
Battery life is 2 years, which features alarm function.

Smart notifications

The system will immediately inform you about any detected leaks or flooded basement by sending a notification to your smartphone.


Working Voltage: CR2*1

Battery Life : 2 years

Standby Current: 2uA

Communication: Z-Wave

Z-Wave Forwarding: Not Support

Z-Wave Distance: 30 Meters

Working Environment: 0℃ ~+ 40℃

Dimensions: 68*68*34mm