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Invisible speaker delivers future sound

Sivis Invisible Speaker

Invisible size but incredible sound

Originated from Germany and well-known in the world

Germany Eton, the parent company was founded in 1983 as the world's leading manufacturer of top-grade audio (home and automotive); all loudspeaker products are 100% manufactured in Germany.
In 2013, ETON became the supporting manufacturer of Volkswagen (VW) and BMW (BWM) audio systems.
In May 2015, ETON became the designated car audio system manufacturer of the Rolls-Royce company , which is the world's leading luxury car manufacturer.

Breakthrough Innovation · Invisible Black Technology

Plane source means no sound field retrofit

The change from the point source to the plane source is a disruptive innovation in the audio industry. The plane source has a strong ability to adapt the environment and it allows a 180-degree sound diffusion in full range , reproducing the real sound field.

Explore the technical principles of invisible speakers


Ultra-Thin Cabinet · Save Install Space

Sivis speaker features a slim body with a thickness within 4.5cm, and a weight within 0.7kg. It is designed to incorporate minimalist ideas, for the needs of modern home decoration, space-saving at the maximum.

Watch the installation video


Self, Aesthetics & Fashion
Sivis equals to fashion and future!