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An Uniform Device Control Platform

d.SmartHome App is not only a smart home application, or a cool smart editor,
but also a management platform. It can manage all the smart devices and appliances together.

Features At A Glance

  • My Collection

    Commonly used feature favorites, you can put them in your favorites by clicking the five-pointed star in the upper right corner of the device, and you can control the device more quickly.

  • Fast Mode

    There are four common shortcut modes on the APP homepage. After clicking in, you can set the linkage of the devices in these four scenes, and realize the linkage of various scene functions as you like.

  • Warning

    Messages from the App: such as who has been home, a leak is happening, gas leak hazard exists and so on. All the forwarding messages can be handled on warning page.

  • Scene Setting

    d.SmartHome APP has three scene setting functions, device linkage, timing task, manual triggering, and can realize more intelligent linkage design through these three modes.

  • Light Color

    d.SmartHome Light Bulb can realize the function of color grading and dimming through APP, and choose different light bulb colors according to mood, so that life is full of fun.

An App That allows Users to Custom Scenes

When compared with other smart apps, d.SmartHome App can not only control the smart devices, but also allows users to custom scenes.

A Marketing Platform That Can Be Repurchased

d.SmartHome is connected with DVACO official website, which enables the customers purchase devices via the App.

A Platform That Can Be Used to Manage Devices and Users' Account

d.SmartHome provides both end-user terminal and client terminal.
Our partners can remotely manage all the devices and their clients' accounts.

It is applicable for d.SmartHome dealers, property and rental platforms.

Put The Whole Control In Hand

We can set up different notifications in the App. You will be able to know all the alerts you want to know, for example, your family is home, someone starts a specific scene and so on.

An App that makes you feel you are always at home

Instead of hiding a key under the footpad of the door, you can use the APP to unlock it remotely;
Instead of missing the important family moments, you can use the APP to remotely watch the video at home, and adjust the direction of the camera remotely as you like;
Instead of worrying about whether your child has been home after school,you can use the APP to view who arrives home.

We Never Stop Growing for Your Better Experience

We constantly update and improve our softwares to keep our leading role. Update the software in time, and you will obtain the most advanced smart experience.

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