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Door/Window sensor

Any door. Any lock. Any home. Invisible Protection.

Door/Window Smart Keys

As the smart key to the doors and windows, It knows exactly when they should be open, and when they should be closed.

Incredible compact size

It is not enough to design a device that is too tiny to be noticed. We desire an nearly invisible door / window sensor.

Unique Door/Window Sensor

  • Wireless Communication

    Complete Wireless. This sensor can communicate over 90 metres.

  • Simple DIY Installation

    You can use double sticky tape or screws to install it.

  • Delicate Design

    Powerful features can not be ignored under its compact size.

  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption

    The life service is 2 years if it's used to monitor 24/7 hours.


In spite of its slimness, d.Safe-300-dw-contact doesn’t compromise on accuracy or quality.
Whenever a door or window is opened, this tiny sensor will accurately detect it.
d.Safe-300-dw-contact is built-in with 2 powerful magnetic switches placed along its edge.


Z-Wave security system is smarter. This tiny sensor monitors your entrances 24/7 hours, so it can sense timely when a door or window is opened. If your connected-alarm is equipped, d.Safe-300-dw-contact will trip to control lights and sirens, and send notifications about the potential emergency to your mobile phone.

Hundreds of places, dozens of uses

The door/window sensor can seamlessly blend into any interior design and, most importantly, is simple to install. The sensors make a big difference in many places!

  • Roof windows

  • Main doors

  • Garage doors

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Safety gates


The d.SmartHome® allows you to arm your devices. In case of theft, an alarm scene will be activated and notification will be send.


When the door is opened or closed, d.SmartHome® d.Safe-300-dw-contact will turn on/ off the light for you. If the door/ window is opened, it will send you an alert notification.

Welcome home!

You can use the d.SmartHome® door/window sensor as a scene activator. When placed in the main door, the sensor may launch a sequence which will greet the entering inhabitants.


Working Voltage: CR14250*1

Battery Life: 2 years

Standby Current: 1uA

Communication Technology: Z-Wave

Z-Wave Forwarding: Not supported

Z-Wave Distance: 30 meters (indoor)

Working Environment: 0°C ~+ 40°C

Dimension: 70*20*20mm 40*11*11mm