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Simple, economic and reliable

d.SmartHome® makes smart homes easier, and from now on, you can enjoy the superior custom experience and quality service at a more economical price.

The users can also remotely control the smart home pro, no need the smart remote control. The management of all devices, such as door lock, camera, lighting, thermostat, entertainment video and other equipment be can completed with an intuitive touch screen.

Smart home conroller system from ¥999

A smart home needs these:

No network, no anything

No security system, no peace of mind

What do i need to make a smart home?

A stable network is the backbone of all smart devices at home. We are always there and always ready to improve your experience, perhaps a simple problem, or even a system upgrade.

No music, no quality life

Simplify and personalize your entertainment system and experience

No comfort, no good sleep

Control the temperature in a reasonable comfort range - cost saving

No lights, no party

Remotely set up a comfortable lighting scene - energy saving

We have the top partners in this industry

Home Network

A robust network connection is the foundation for smart home technology. With the network managed by DVACO, you will receive a reminder before the system failures. The remote service will ensure that you are online, so you needn't worry about any dumb points or blind spots.

For the rest of your life, as a reliable brand, we will be with you.

All the devices will be connected and work together.

You can equip your home with a different network, no matter it is a new house or a retrofit.

Stable network management from ¥399 per month

Home Security

Whether you are at home or outside, d.Safe products(including video surveillance, motion sensor, real-time alerts and more.) can help you find out if your family are safe 7*24 hours

Know if there are any uninvited guests breaking in or opening your doors and windows

Needn't worry about any leakage. Once leakage happens, you will get reminder.

If you forget to lock the door, you can close it on the way.

Control via mobile devices to allow the entrance of plumber or babysitter.

Only ¥399 per month to ensure your family worry-free

Home Entertainment

Integrate your entertainment experience with simple controls, integrated movie apps, multi-zone audio controls and other devices in a totally new way.

Home Theater: An ultra-thin appearance and super high sensitivity. Excellent sound quality. Perfect scalability.

Music: 6 independent multimedia zones. Mobile phone, touch screen and computer can be used as an UI, enabling each room to personally choose the music program source, and achieve independent operation and control.

Bring your favorite music to the outdoor area.

Every family member can make their own information more personal.

Watching videos from your favorite streaming media is more convenient and intuitive.

Integrate your favorite system and make every day rich with music and life.

Home Thermostat

The system can intelligently adjust the temperature according to the schedule set in advance. Before you get home, it will automatically adjust the temperature to the required range. The personalized system can save both energy and costs.

The proper light makes a more comfortable home environment.

When no one is at home, the system automatically saves energy at maximum.

Outdoor induction adjustment to avoid the rupture of the water pipe caused by temperature changes.

Smart Lights/ Curtains

You can turn off the lights at anytime, no matter you are in the car or on the bed; The curtains will be automatically raised when you get up, or keep closed if you want to continue sleeping. Based on the changes of sunlight, time, and seasons, the lights/curtains are programmed into the process to achieve energy- saving.

Control lights/curtains from your mac or android system

The holiday scene allows the home to look like that someone is at home

Simple control of the curtains to maintain a comfortable temperature

Soft light switch saves energy and extends lamp life

About Us

“Makes it a home more than a house” is the brand new slogan of d.SmartHome® . Smart home is a frontier direction of IT technology and residential technology. It offers an intelligent platform, based on the human-machine interface, to control the lights, temperature (comfort system), security products and home entertainment products in addition to electronic devices in the home. Complete management and control make our living environment safer, more comfortable and deliver more new experience. It helps China's family life reach the international leading level, and achieve a low-carbon, healthy, intelligent, comfortable, safe and caring family lifestyle.

Take Three Steps to Own A Smart Home

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