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DVACO Cloud Network ----- Our remote service enables your connected home always be online! Cloud Security ----- You can secure your home with remote access whenever and wherever you want. Cloud Conferencing -----Either party can hold high-quality multi-party video collaboration in the conference room or on the move quickly and efficiently via simple operation over the network.

DVACO Cloud Network Service

A strong home network is the mainstay that supports the smooth operation of smart home technology. d.Cloud is able to find any network system failure in the first time, even faster than the users at home. Our remote service is aimed to make your connected home always online!

  • 1.Choose a reliable brand to meet your family needs
  • 2.Connect and run all devices simultaneously
  • 3.Design the exclusive DVACO Cloud Network for your home
DVACO Cloud Security Service from ¥399/ Month

DVACO Cloud Safe Service

Whether you are at home or on the go, you can secure your home via 7x24 hours remote access, Cloud security service include video surveillance cameras, motion sensors, real-time notifications, and more.

  • 1. Check if your doors and windows are opened unexpectedly
  • 2. Real-time understanding of what’s happening at home through mobile devices
  • 3. Can't see the situation in the backyard? Solve problems remotely anytime, anywhere
  • 4. Remotely play back the video via the mobile device
DVACO Cloud Security Service From ¥399/Month

DVACO Cloud Meeting

DVACO Cloud Meeting is a cloud service project for medium and high-end residential owners. This type of meeting is convenient, efficient, and economical. With an easy-to-use operation through the web interface, users can quickly and efficiently perform a high-quality multi-party video collaboration in a conference room or on the move. At present, DVACO Cloud Meeting supports 16-party video conferencing. In the future, we will provide 100-party video conferencing solutions for users with higher demand. By paying the corresponding service fee and equipment rental fee every month, users can use DVACO conference terminal equipment , and enjoy the 7x24-hour technical support and butler service provided by DVACO. You can timely check and solve the problem the first time when the fault is discovered.

Market research shows that the core competitiveness of enterprises has gradually shifted to the cloud. A powerful cloud meeting system can not only help enterprises to serve users, but also help enterprises solve their urgent needs in many cases. If the engineer encounters technical problems during on-site debugging, he can communicate with the department head through the DVACO cloud meeting system, and solve the problem through clear video screen collaboration; in the sales process, the inexperienced salespersons are confused by customers' questions. At this time, the cloud meeting system will help them to contact senior salesperson and solve users' needs, which also reflects the value of the cloud meeting system to the enterprise.

  • Solution1

    The SX10 integrated video conferencing terminal is a product specially designed for small spaces. It a ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises to conduct video conferences at a relatively low cost.

    Package Name A B C D
    Validity Period 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
    Service Charge / Month 1300 1300 1300 1300
    Equipment Rental Fee / Month 0 1500 400 0
    Deposit 10000 0 0 0
    Annual Price 17800 33600 40800 46800
    Average Annual Consumption 33600 20400 15600
  • Solution2

    The SX20 split-type video conferencing terminal is designed for medium and large conference rooms installed with projectors and splicing screens. It can transform any flat panel display into an elegant and powerful telepresence system.

    Package Name A B C D
    Validity Period 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
    Service Charge / Month 1300 1300 1300 1300
    Equipment Rental Fee / Month 0 2700 675 0
    Deposit 10000 0 0 0
    Annual Price 17800 48000 47400 46800
    Average Annual Consumption 48000 23700 15600
  • Solution3

    The DX80 desktop video conferencing terminal is perfect for environments where video display devices are not installed, such as offices, study rooms, and more. It addresses the clutter on the desktop and provides a desktop collaboration device with a touch screen, premium IP telephony capabilities, Android operating system and video collaboration features.

    Package Name A B C D
    Validity Period 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
    Service Charge / Month 1300 1300 1300 1300
    Equipment Rental Fee / Month 0 1500 400 0
    Deposit 10000 0 0 0
    Annual Price 17800 33600 40800 46800
    Average Annual Consumption 33600 20400 15600

Why DVACO cloud meeting system?

NO.1: Optimize Efficiency and Save Costs

The “meeting” that plays an important part in the work output value is equivalent to one small node after another, so that the manager can optimize the management direction and the staff can adjust the execution method to achieve the best work efficiency. However, when the same project team is scattered around the place when performing tasks, it is difficult and inconsistent to gather in one meeting. At this time, the video conference that can shorten the meeting time compared with the general meeting, becoming the best mode to improve work efficiency. For companies with more than one employee distribution, travel has caused a high cost that enterprises can't avoid. Transportation, catering, and accommodation costs are also rising in the current market. Therefore, whether it is a law firm, a securities company, a large training institution, or a thriving entrepreneurial company, a video collaboration system is needed. From this point of view, the DVACO Cloud Meeting system has greatly saved the time and cost, which avoids the complicated “face-to-face rush”.

NO.2: Cloud Technology, Collaboration Tool

DVACO Cloud Meeting system supports multi-point conference function. It can be used to hold multi-party video conferences, and allows multiple multi-party conferences at the same time; With dual-stream function, commonly used OFFICE documents such as PPT, WORD, EXCEL, PDF, audio and video files, etc. can be shared to all participants in real time through the cloud conference platform; As long as the network is connected, you can use the APP to access the conference via mobile terminals such as iPad, MAC, laptop, mobile phone, etc at any time and anywhere.

NO.3:Vivid Picture Quality and Immersive Experience

The biggest worry about video conferencing? The content of the meeting can't achieve the required transfer effect. If the content of the meeting isn't transferred properly, the video conference will not be good as actual meeting. DVACO Cloud Meeting integrates the most advanced voice conference system, video conferencing system and noise elimination system to maximize the effectiveness of web conference, enabling you to understand the full content of the conference as comprehensively and clearly as possible in complex situations. DVACO Cloud Meeting system delivers all participants full contents and brings them a new face-to-face communication experience.

What are the advantages of DVACO Cloud Meeting compared to telephone conference

The so-called telephone conference is, in layman's terms, a conference mode in which a telephone is used as a tool and a telephone line as a carrier to hold a conference. Although it breaks through the limitations of traditional conferences and peer-to-peer calls, there are still many shortcomings: poor confidentiality, taboos in conversations, large equipment investment, and poor experience. The DVACO Cloud Meeting is an efficient, convenient and economical conference format based on cloud computing technology. At the transmitting end of the communication, the image and sound signals are converted into digitized signals, and then reproduced at the receiving end as visual and audible information. Compared with the telephone conference, it is intuitive, time-sensitive, and informative. Not only can you hear the sound, but you can also see all the participants, discuss the problems together, study the drawings and the real situations. The meeting is just like a real meeting, so that every participant has an immersive sense. More importantly, DVACO Cloud Meeting adopts the open SIP protocol, which provides a standard-based way to provide IP communication for multiple devices and applications, as well as support IP phones, desktops and laptops, mobile phones and other standard inter-terminal communication.
The MCU (Multi-Point Control Unit) is the core part of the video conferencing system, providing users with connection services for group meetings and multiple groups of conferences. At present, MCUs of mainstream manufacturers can generally provide access services for up to 64 users in a single machine, and can even be cascaded to basically meet user requirements. The usage and management of the MCU should not be very complicated, so that the general staff of the customer's technical department or even the staff of administrative department can operate. It should be noted that as for MCU hardware, customer need to purchase the device and build the MCU server, while the DVACO cloud service is not so cumbersome. The service provider has already set up the MCU server in the cloud, so the customer only needs to rent rather than purchase hardware equipment.

Remote service keeps your connected home online!