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d.SmartLink Makes A Smart Home

d.SmartHome® is aimed to help every family build a future smart home. We reach the mission with professional technology. Reliable home IoT technology, proven and standardized technologies are essential.

No wired or complicated installations. d.SmartLink adopts low-frequency and high-range wireless technology, which enables our d.SmartLink products to be connected as far as 300 feet/91 meters.


d.SmartLink is compatible with over 9 million smart hardware devices worldwide, and capable of being expanded to connect more devices according to your budget.

The Easiest Way to Control Your Home.

Anytime, Anywhere.

Smart homes provide you with convenience, freedom and peace of mind. You can monitor and manage your home via any smartphone, tablet or computer, no matter you are sitting on the couch, or in any corner worldwide.

d.SmartLink—— The Ideal Choice of Smart Devices!
  • 1Control your front door and monitor your home and property.
  • 2Check your security camera and get notified on your smartphone.
  • 3The light is automatically turned on when the sensor trips.
  • 4Make sure that your door is locked, your home is safe.
  • 5Extend your system to integrate a variety of certified partner devices.
  • Security

    Why pay a high price for home security when you are not wealthy? Our smart products can do more for you with a much lower cost, from locks to fingerprint recognition to high-resolution cameras, we have prepared everything for you.

  • Climate

    Do you know that the temperature control causes the largest energy consumption in your house? With intelligent, remotely controlled thermostats, you can save on heating and cooling costs at any time.

  • Energy

    With our energy-conserved controller, you can remotely monitor and control any device plugged into it. Master the power consumption of home appliances and save a lot of money!

  • Lighting

    Controls energy consumption, security and room atmosphere. Easily transform existing wall switches and dimmers into smart styles that you can adjust from anywhere.

The flexible, powerful, efficient and reliable d1 controller is the brain of your system, providing enough flexibility to meet the needs of large and small projects without being affected.

We offer d1, an extension system from wireless to wired, so that the features can be constantly upgraded, and the user experience can enjoy a brand new experience.


Make your life more fun.