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d.Health Home Environment

The system will automatically adjust the temperature. Before you get home, it regulates the temperature at a proper range. The personalized system is both energy-saving and cost-saving.

  • Automatic Set-Up

    The thermostat system remembers the owner's temperature preference in each space.

  • Energy-Saving

    When you leave home, the system automatically saves the energy for you.

  • Comfort

    The owner can remotely control the home temperature, no matter before he arrives home or after he leaves home.

  • Environmental

    The system monitors the concentration of PM2.5 at home in real time to start fresh air system.

Solutions for Whole House Smart Comfort

Entry Smart Comfort Suite Products

  • Wireless HVAC Control Panel

  • Wireless Water Heating Control Panel

Solutions for Smart Environment Monitoring and Improvement

Say goodbye to smog and enjoy fresh air at home anyime

  • Wireless PM2.5 & Temperature & Humidity Detector

Solutions for AI Smart Comfort

It learns the user's habits and offers them smart temperature experience.

  • Nest Thermostat

  • Three-in-One Nest Partner

    VRC Air Conditioner

    Floor Heating / Gas Stove

    Fresh Air / Dehumidification

  • Three-in-One Nest Partner


    Floor Heating / Gas Stove

    Fresh Air / Dehumidification

Before you arrive home after work,
turn on the air conditioner via your mobile phone to get a most comfortable temperature.

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